What we’re all about

At Everyday Good Co. we believe in making high quality, sustainable goods available to everyone. Every day.

Positive, sustainable purchasing decisions shouldn’t mean travelling out of your way to buy something, paying an arm and a leg for it, or choosing between ethics and quality goods. We have carefully sourced each of our products to be the highest quality and environmentally friendly.

Our vision is to have Everyday Good Co. products stocked in every major supermarket, corner store, pharmacy and health food store
around Australia. With your help our little Melbourne startup could even grow to be international.


Our beliefs:

We believe that each purchasing decision has a ripple effect on the world, so we want to make it easy for people to choose products that have a positive impact on their lives, their community and the world.

Say yes to sustainably sourced goods, say yes to fair workplaces, say yes to items that are biodegradable, recyclable or both! Say yes to Everyday Good Co. being stocked far and wide.

Our impact:

We searched extensively for the right charity to align ourselves with. The Hunger Project Australia is a stand-out charity that supports our
belief of empowering individuals. They work with impoverished rural communities throughout Africa, India and Bangladesh and help them become their own heroes.

Tangibly, this still means providing monetary donations to communities in need. These donations translate into education for women,
awareness of human rights and the skills to pull their communities out of poverty for good. They are taught about farming, income generation, disease prevention and food security.

THPA kids smiling

Members of these communities work together to build facilities such as hospitals, schools and toilets. Brick by brick they build these themselves.

These facilities are generally located within close proximity to more than one community, to provide a flow on effect and extend their reach.

Some of the people they’ve worked with have even gone into other communities and shared these skills, helping others improve their quality of life also.

To find out more about their latest projects, or to get in contact with the team, visit The Hunger Project Australia’s website.